Vocabulary 204 Copy

Abhyaṅga – massage with oil

Abhyantara Snehana – internal oleation

Agni Dīpana – remedies that stimulate Agni

Ajasarik – daily rasāyana

Akṛta Yuṣa – mung beans (dal) soup without spices

Akṣi tarpaṇa – oiling the head for eye diseases

Anāgnisveda – sweating conducted without help of fire

Anulomana – a substance that loosens the stool and eliminates toxins

Anuvāsana Basti – therapeutic oil enema

Ardha – half

Ardhacikitsā – half treatment

Asamyaka Snehana – incorrect/insufficient oleation

Ātapa – exposure to early morning sun rays

Atiyoga – excessive therapy (purgation, enema)

Avapida – instilling of juice (extract) of a drug through the nasal passage

Āyana – method by which Rasa is carried to the body tissues for biochemical metamorphosis

Ayoga – incorrect therapy (emesis, enema, etc.)

Bahupāna – consuming alcohol in excess

Bahya Snehana – external oleation

Bhaya – fear

Bhedana – a substance that breaks down hard feces and eliminates them

Cikitsā – treatment

Dhūma nasya – fumes are inhaled through the nasal passages and are eliminated through the oral route

Doṣahara – removal of particular doṣa

Drava sweda – hot liquids

Gaṇḍūṣa – special oils holding in mouth

Grīvābasti – procedure with warmed medicated oils, ghee or herbal decoctions retained by a blackgram flour barrier over the cervical area

Guru prāvaraṇa – covering body with blankets

Hrasiyasi – oleation test

Hrasva – light (test result)

Hṛdbasti – procedure with warmed medicated oils, ghee or herbal decoctions retained by a blackgram flour barrier over heart area

Jaghanya Śuddhi – mild purification

Jānubasti – procedure with warmed medicated oils, ghee or herbal decoctions retained by a blackgram flour barrier around knee

Kāmya – to promote health and longevity in normal persons

Karaṇa – cultivating

Karna – ear

Karṇa Pūraṇa – pouring oil into the ears

Karṇa Tarpaṇa – instillation of medicated oil into ears

Kaṭībasti – localized form of sudation procedure when heat is applied to the sacral or lumbar region by retinaining warm medicated oil within specially formed frame on this area

Kavalagraha – use of decoction or medicated oil as a mouthwash

Krodha – anger

Krūra Koṣṭa – hard bowel movements

Kṛta Yusa – mung (dal) soup with spice

Kṣara karma – therapy with an alkali thread applied to specific places

Kṣudhā – hunger

Kutipraveśik – person residing in a specially constructed hut

Lepa – application of Sneha as poultice

Lepana – herbal paste

Madhya – moderate (test result)

Madhya Śuddhi – moderate purification

Madhyama Koṣṭa – moderately easy bowel movements

Manda – thin soup

Mardana – oil massage with force

Marga – pathway

Maruta – exposure to fresh air

Mastiṣka – pouring oil over specific part of body

Mṛdu Koṣṭa – easy bowel movements

Naḍi Swedana – local application of steam with a tube

Nasya – therapeutic nasal instillation

Nāvana – instilling of the drops of medicated liquid in the nose

Netra basti – process of keeping medicated ghee/oil in the eyes for a certain period of time

Niamittika – to help a patient fight or recover from disease

Nirāgni Sweda – type of sudation without fire

Nirāma – without ama

Niruha Basti – therapeutic herbal decoction enema

Odana – plain cooked rice

Ojabala – anti-aging

Padābhyaṅga – oil foot massage using force

Pañcakarma – five therapeutic actions, detoxification

Pariṣeka – pouring oil over specific part of body

Paṣcāta karma – aftercare procedures

Peyā – thin rice soup/rice gruel

Picu – poultice

Pinda – bolus, a soft rounded mass

Pindaswedanana – type of sweating with a bolus

Pippāsā – restrictin to water intake

Prachhāna – making quick sharp incisions

Pradhamana – inhalation of fine powder of drugs in the nasal passages with the help of a nadi-yantra

Pradhāna Śuddhi – strong purification

Pralepa karma – different pastes

Pratimarṣa nasya– dose of everyday nasya

Pūraṇa – instillation

Pūrvakarma – preparation procedures

Raktamokṣana – therapeutic phlebotomy

Rasakriyā – biochemical metamorphosis

Rasayanādi Prayoga – administration of rejuvenative drugs

Recana – a substance that liquifies both digested and undigested fecal matter and eliminates from the colon

Roga – disease

Rutucaryā – seasonal regimen

Sāgni – type of sudation, heat with fire

Sāma – with ama

Śamana Prayoga – maintenance and prevention of disease

Saṃsarjana karma – reanimation of agni after purification

Samvahana – very slow, soft oil massage

Samyakayoga – effective therapy (emesis, purgation, enema, etc)

Samyaka Snehana – effective, proper oleation

Samyaka Swedana – effective, proper sudation

Śastra karma – surgery

Siravyadhya – venesection

Śiro – head

Śiro basti – treatment with warm medicated oil on the surface of the head for a specific period of time

Śiro lepana – head poultice

Śiro Picu – head poultice

Sneha – fatty material

Sneha Udvartana – oil massage with powder

Snehana – oleation

Snehavagahana – sitting in the tub full of oil

Strotamsī – channels

Swasthavṛtta – science of Health, practice of health maintenance

Tailadhārā – pouring oil over the body

Tankana Bhasma – calcinated borax formulation prepared from borax powder

Tāp sweda – dry heat, heated sand fomentation

Udavartana – forceful application of herbal powders

Upanāha – applying thick medicinal packs

Upanāha sweda – hot herbal paste or poultice

Upavāsa – fasting

Urobasti – procedure with warmed medicated oils, ghee or herbal decoctions retained by a blackgram flour barrier over heart area

Uṣma sweda – sudation with steam

Uṣna sadana – a house in a very hot place

Uttama – heavy (test result)

Uttara basti – aministered enema va urethra or vagina

Uttara karma – aftercare procedures

Vāji – horse

Vājikaraṇa fertility therapies

Vamana – therapeutic emesis

Vardhamāna Prayoga – adinistration of rasāyana medications in gradual increase of dosage until desired maximum dosage and then dicreasing dosage until the original dose is established

Vasā – animal fat

Vātatapika – person exposed to Sun & Wind

Vilepī – thicker porridge of soft, cooked rice, rice porridge

Virecana – therapeutic purgation

Vyāyāma – physical excercise

Yāpana basti – used as rasāyana to protect Ojas