Vocabulary 205 Copy

Adhiṣṭāna – Indriya’s organ of sensation

Ājñā cakra – The sixth or “third eye” chakra, located between the eyebrows

Anāhata cakra – The fourth or heart chakra, located in a heart region

Apāna mudrā – Type of mudra which is helpful for mental or physical digestion and for elimination waste material from the body.

Artha – Indriya’s specific range of object (object of perception)

Asātmendriya saṃyoga – Conjugation of sense organs with improper objects (wrong perception).

Asātmya – Unwholesome

Bīja mantra – One syllable seed sound. When said aloud, activates the energy of the chakras in order to purify and balance the mind and body.

Cikitsā – Treatment/therapy

Daiva-vyapāśraya – Spiritual way of healing

Deṣa – Country, region

Devatā – Deity

Dhvanyātmaka – Instrumental sound

Dhyāna mudrā – Type of mudra which helps to bring one into deeper, more profound concentration.

Gandha cikitsā – Aroma therapy

Indriya – Inner faculties of perception

Indriyārtha – An object of sense

Indriya buddhi – Perception by the senses (assimilates knowledge, analyzes experiences and takes decisions for achieving goals)

Indriya dravya – Indriya’s specific receptor matter (Tanmatra)

Indriya Pañcpañcaka – Systemic process of sensory perception through 5 phasic phenomenon

Iśwara – God

Jātakarma saṃskāra – Reciting of mantras in the newborn’s right ear and requesting the Gods to protect the newborn from evil spirits

Jñana – Knowledge

Jñana mudrā – The mudra of knowledge

Jñānendriya – Sensory faculties

Jyotiṣa – Vedic astrology

Karāvalokanam – Worshiping the energy hidden in one’s hands

Karmendriya – The five motor faculties

Kīrtana – Singing of prayers with a musical accompaniment

Maṇipūra cakra – The third chakra, located between the navel and solar plexus

Māyā – Illusion

Mud – Joy/happiness/bliss

Mudrā – Systemic hand, body and face gestures. Mudras are closed electrical circuits of subtle channels in physical and subtle bodies.

Mūlādhāra cakra – The first or root chakra, located at the base of the spine

Ojaskara – The substance or process which promotes immunity (Ojas) and vitality

Pariṇāma –Time

Prajñāparādha – Crime of wisdom

Prāṇa mudrā – Type of mudra which helps to activate dormant energy in the body.

Prāṇa stāna – Polarity therapy (to stabilize prana)

Pūjā – The act of worship

Rāga – Different musical notes

Rasa cikitsā – Taste therapy

Ratna – Gemstone

Ratna cikitsā – Gemstone therapy

Rūpa – Sight or form

Rūpa cikitsa – Chromo therapy

Śabda – Sound

Śabda cikitsā – Sound therapy

Sadvṛtta – The code of virtuous conduct

Sahasrāra cakra – The seventh chakra, located on the crown of the head beneath the Fontanelle

Saṃskṛta – Sanskrit

Satvāvajaya – Psychological way of healing (assurance therapy)

Satya – Truth, honesty

Sparṣa – Touch

Sparṣa cikitsā – Touch therapy

Śrī –  Wealth and prosperity

Sūkṣma – Subtle

Surya mudrā – Type of mudra which increases the solar/fire element in the body and improves metabolism and digestion

Swādīśthāna cakra – The second chakra, located in the pelvic area.

Tanmātrā – Subtle elements,  that are the objects of the five senses.

Teja bhūta – Fire element

Varṇa cikitsā – Color therapy

Varṇātmaka śabda – Alphabetical sound

Vāstu – Objects or matter.

Vāstu śāstra –   Science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and attempts to integrate their corresponding qualities to achieve balance in living spaces.

Viśacikitsā – Treatment of poisoning

Viśuddha cakra – The fifth chakra, located in the region of neck and shoulders.

Yantra – A diagram engraved on a metal plate, paper or on a bark of certain trees. Yantra is appropriated to a specific Diety. The power of Diety brings the profound healing power thru Yanta.

Yogavahi – Catalyst ( the one that accelerates the properties of others)

Yuktivyapāśraya – Rational therapy